Wildlife biodiversity and indian wild ass

They all are our great friends, without whom we cannot do. Indulge some of its beach activities which are performed in its major beaches namely Anjuna beach, Baga Beach and Calangute beach. Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is a birding paradise and popularly known for its varieties of bird life.

Little is known about these ancient birds because they avoid human contact. The mammals include the elephant, the Indian bison, Indian buffalo, the blue-bull or nilgai, four-horned antelope, black buck, Indian wild ass, the famed one-horned rhinoceros and many varieties of deer.

This population of wild asses is the only gene pool of Indian wild asses in the entire world and one of the six geographical varieties or sub-species surviving on the planet.

After your arrival at Gir National Park, check-in at your resort. Little Rann of Kutch This wildlife Sanctuary is the habitat of a range of birds and animals which are covering a massive area of the state Gujrat. In this park you can see some specific types of animals like jackals, antelope, leopards, dear, etc and mammals like crocodiles.

Many types of bears roam the western Himalayas, but only a single species of panda is found. The coat is usually sandy, but varies from reddish grey, fawn, to pale chestnut. These birds, beasts, insects and reptiles form an integral part of nature, human life, and national wealth.

The animal, however, is also seen in the districts of SurendranagarBanaskanthaMehsanaand other Kutch districts. Day 13 to Spend a couple of days in this park to see the best view of the forest. Hyenas, sloth bears, golden jackals and many other are major attraction of the Gir national park.

Wildlife: Biodiversity and Indian Wild Ass

The wild yack inhabits the upper lands of Ladakh. A recent census conducted by forest department in has revealed that the population of wild ass in the state was estimated to about 4, an increase of 4. Some of its renowned churches are Se Cathedral, St. They are there to enrich and make our life more enjoyable and meaningful.

Return to your resort to spend the night. India is very rich in bird life also. The Autobiography of an Indian Outcaste. We have the Zoological Survey of India ZSIwith its headquarters in Kolkata and 16 regional stations spread all over, for surveying the fauna resources of the country.

Trout is common in hill streams and the masher is found in most of the large rivers. Check-in at hotel and take a rest tonight. Water holes were increased in the area, the forest department has also started a project for having fodder plots though the forest department is yet to get desired success.

Fromthe forest department began conducting the wild ass census. In other words, wildlife is really precious and it is our bounden duty to preserve and protect it.

They help us in earning precious foreign exchange. If there were no birds, life would be without much sweet music, colour, diversion, solace and beauty.

These great monuments were built by Mughals at their time and still its enchanting beauty attracting thousands of tourists from each corner of the world to its doorstep. Several other species, such as ducks, pheasants, partridges, jungle fowl, quails, green pigeons, mynahs, bulbuls, parakeets, hornbills, herons, and cranes, etc.

It is a knowable offense to kill these species. Enjoy your dinner at resort and sleep well. That is why they find such an important place in our art, culture, religion, literature and mythology.

Delhi Take your morning breakfast at hotel and after that, you can spend half of the day according to you.Chapter 2 Forest and Wildlife Resources India is home to nearly 8% of the world’s biodiversity.

India has over 81, species of fauna and 47, species of flora. E.g. Black buck, Indian wild ass, Indian rhino, lion, crocodile etc. Wildlife is an essential and integral part of nature.

The wild birds, animals, insects and reptiles help to maintain a balance in nature and conservation of environment.

They are there to enrich and make our life more enjoyable and meaningful. It has been published as the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary. Unbelievable beauty of nature, biodiversity and wildlife beauty always attracts travelers towards it. It is the home of several migratory and local birds. Indian American bison.

the blue-bull or nilgai. four-horned antelope. black vaulting horse. Indian wild buttocks. the celebrated one-horned rhinoceros and many assortments of cervid. Under the large game class come the Indian king of beasts. the tiger. the jaguar.

leopard and assorted species of smaller cats. Hand out: Biodiversity Biological Diversity or Biodiversity - is the variety (diversity) of all life forms on earth, encompassing all plants, animals, microorganisms and the intricate ecosystems they form.

- the totality of ecosystems, species, and genes within the area. Levels of Biodiversity 1. Species Diversity (Different Life Forms) 2. Indian wild ass herd in Little Rann of Kutch. Though a bleak landscape it is rich in biodiversity and is an ecologically important area for wildlife and many local and migratory waterbirds like cranes, ducks, pelicans, wildlife and to the endangered Indian wild ass.

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Wildlife biodiversity and indian wild ass
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