Wgu social responsibility critical analysis

In the city of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in the year a group of 5 enthusiastic youngsters decided to set up a Non-Profit Organization with definite and revolutionary plans to contribute to the society. From this stakeholder perspective, top leaders can assess the needs of the business and include the needs of its stakeholders, utilizing this information to build a strong ethics program built on mutual integrity and trust.

Upper Sadle River, NJ: Put simply, social responsibility helps companies develop good reputations. Formal protective mechanisms need to be established to allow employees to report observed unethical behavior without fear of retaliation or reprimand.

Corporate Social Responsibility can be explained as: As such, a dedication to social responsibility can actually turn into profits, as the idea inspires investors to invest, and consumers to purchase goods and services from the company. Stakeholder theory and organizational ethics.

Now, point is the set up in India is so lenient that anyone can form a Non-Profit Organization be it a Trust or a Society or a Section. Social — Everything dealing with people. Implemented correctly, social responsibility programs can provide opportunities for new markets, increased profits, and access to new innovations and cutting edge technology.

Corporate social responsibility requires top leadership to understand not only the responsibilities that are demanded of them by the corporation, but also the need to begin recognizing the opportunities that these demands are introducing.

In February I called WGU to inquire about their competency-based model and my experience with the operator was different than that of Mr.

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Big-box retailer Target Corp. As an independent student, I have not interacted as often with my professors at my discretion. In India there is no mechanism to control the Non-Profit Organizations. With Indian Corporate fraternity facing mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility inclusion in laws there becomes a greater need to concentrate and analyze on various basic aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility and its provisions.

My mentor who holds both MBA and PhD degrees and is a former professor at Columbia University and I have a required weekly telephone meeting for which I select the amount of time needed—15, 30 up to 60 minutes—to discuss my weekly academic progress or issues that may hinder such progress or pace.

A necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices. When my WGU professors have not heard from me during the course they have reached out to me and inquired on my progress and have offered assistance.

The four work days can occur any day of the week, Mondaythrough Sunday. No authority to regulate and streamline thousands of crores which are being spent by these Organizations.

Employees look to top leaders to determine what appropriate and acceptable behavior in the work Wgu social responsibility critical analysis is.

Communicating expected ethical codes of conduct to each employees and providing appropriate training sessions creates an environment of confidence, trust and mutual respect.

One the rare occasion when I have needed clarification or further explanation regarding any part of the course assignments or final project or exam, I have scheduled a telephone or computer interactive meeting with my professor to address the issue.

Title VII of this act prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Top leaders today are facing more and more pressure to make socially responsible decisions, adhere to legal requirements and generate ever increasing profits.

The only qualification or eligibility needed to become a claimant for the CSR projects is established track record of at least three years in carrying on activities in related areas[6]. Their every day actions and decisions send the message to their employees on what is considered ethical and what is not.

This provision now will pave way for mushrooming of dormant NGOs which bit the dust to suck up the huge money pooled to be siphoned off and lead to massive embezzlement of funds which can otherwise be better streamlined and utilized.

Developing and implementing performance objectives are key components to ensure that business directives remain on track. The operator asked me for basic personal information and provided me with basic information on WGU to address some of my questions posed before transferring me to an enrollment counselor for the program of interest.

Understanding stakeholder needs and demands requires the corporation to develop a stakeholder perspective or orientation. The new Companies Act gives complete freedom to the companies to decide on the factors in which they would like to contribute in the society. Establishing a positive ethical business culture begins with top leadership Creating a positive business culture involves a long term approach which incorporates a set of ethics into an organizations core values.

Corporate social responsibility, while still a voluntary effort, often has a large determining factor on corporate profits, reputation and stakeholder satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition to the respective course professor, all WGU students have an assigned mentor to guide and pace their progress for the duration of the program. For example, Starbucks Corp.

Yes, each WGU academic course is competency based; however, competency-based education does not necessarily diminish academic quality nor does it equate to academic fraud. Neem provides a very slanted perspective of WGU since he leaves out information on the current enrollment process experience, how the course content is structured, how the professor and mentor roles and responsibilities are defined, and how the academic background and learning style of students impacts success with this type of academic model.

Developing strong ethical business practices is critical in maintaining stakeholder satisfaction and loyalty. Business ethics and corporate social responsibility make good business sense.

In general, social responsibility is more effective when a company takes it on voluntarily, as opposed to being required by the government to do so through regulation. A discussion guide for executives about communications and ethics.AFT2 Accreditation Audit – Task 2 Western Governor’s University AFT2 Accreditation Audit – Task 2 Nightingale Community Hospital is a healthcare facility that prides itself on being a hospital of choice within its community by being a leader in providing high quality healthcare.

As business ethics and corporate social responsibility move from mere concepts on paper to actual business action items, it is imperative that corporate top leadership understand the impact that each of these issues has on profits, stakeholders and reputation. Corporate Social Responsibility is also called Corporate Citizenship or Corporate Responsibility.

Generally, CSR is understood to be the way firms integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into their values, culture, decision making, strategy and operations in a transparent and accountable manner and thereby establish better practices within the firm, create wealth and improve society.

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

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Wgu social responsibility critical analysis
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