Understand how to formulate a research specification essay

It should be vividly evident in your presentation the findings of your research presentation. So our work has become an important factor and can help provide us with a status in society for example were we live or the car we drive.

If from my research I can get a better understanding though the position of management and also how their actions can inspire or de-motivate individuals it will be an invaluable lesson for myself progressing forward with my career. The results of my research have uncovered some interesting observations into the culture of motivation within the construction industry.

Participants are given the right to withdraw with the study anytime they are not happy to participate anymore. In total I issued questionnaires a of those were returned of which I took a random sample of on which to obtain my results.

This obviously is a large satisfier within the two factor theory but in the 21st century employees should not feel that those basic human rights are something which need to be fought for. The significant of the study and the rationale for the selection of the study states its importance and the reason why it is conducted.

Once the researcher had carry out survey based on a sample, the researcher must first analyse the procedure for selecting the sample; the size of sample; elimination of bias; and the method needed in taking the sample.

Understand how to formulate a research specification Essay

This also means that it will entail closed questions which will be supplied to a large number of participants. This may mean investment in training and educating current employees but most importantly those individuals must buy into the mantra and understand exactly what is required from them otherwise it will surely fail in its objectives.

If the workforce are of the belief that they are not receiving fair or just treatment from the outset they will be demotivated before they have collected their first pay cheque. Having carried out my interviews there appeared to be a distinct misunderstanding of the definition of the word motivation as the responses which were returned concerned productivity.

Supervisors are usually also often hired for technical ability and experience which on the surface would make perfect business sense. Also with regards to my research I will be taking into account the validity and reliability of how the data is comprised.

Objectives of the study must be simple and understandable as it is the statement of the outcomes in relation with the variables. Open-ended questionnaires allow participants to express themselves freely. LO4 Be able the present the research outcomes 4. Exact numbers of questionnaires supplied and collected will also be noted as I feel the amount of individuals who wish to abstain may also be interesting.

The same can be said though for the supervision and their direct managers the culmination often been one of very little motivation at all and employees sole objective been capital gains. The project environment however directly challenges many of those factors as already discussed the use of transient labour which are drafted in for individual projects are often on short term contracts usually around 18 months or as is a common practice now employed through an agency depending on the size and scope.

Besides, I am going to gather information from outside through questionnaire format to investigate local customers in two weeks.

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This I feel will cover all aspects of any unease individual participants may feel. Aims and objectives must be clearly stated and achieved on time. For my research I intend gather two types of primary data qualitative and quantitative in the form of interviews and questionnaires.

The price is too expensive. Although construction management teams have moved with the times and embraced new and dynamic methods of doing business the attitude towards the workforce has remained steadfast. I now had a clear picture as to the lengths at which implementation of motivational theory were been used in the construction environment.

The industry been that of construction mainly within the major project environment. This also demonstrates how the culture of an organisation can clash with motivational techniques. I feel though that this is an area which is continuously overlooked in my industry and a manager which can secure those deliverables will be successful and revered.

Demographics also play a part as it is a very male dominated environment bravado and impertinence can often result from the workforce and management alike if the wrong strategies of monitoring and controlling are implemented.

For this reason at the very top of the questionnaire I intend to include a disclaimer stating exactly the purpose and use of the information and that it will not be circulated for any other means this questionnaire can be found in appendix 2.

Ranging from a maintenance contract workforce and also that of a contractor which uses predominantly transient labour in a construction environment.

Primary data will only be relevant for this type of study I feel secondary data of this nature maybe be open to conjecture and therefore runs the risk of not having sufficient validity. Also were possible individuals were offered continuity of employment depending on labour needs which albeit could be relatively ad hoc.

Information gathered must be kept properly and not disclosed to the public unless the whole study was done and ready for public disclosure. The main areas specified in the assignment have been critically analysed in terms of theory and practical application supported by appropriate examples To achieve D2 In this part of the course work there should be clear evidence of extensive study from various academic resources and demonstration of understanding of implementation according to research design and method; test research hypotheses; considering test validity; reliability including data collection, data analysis and interpretation.

It is for these reasons why I wanted to try and understand the feelings and thoughts of all individuals involved in these precarious environments and there receptiveness to the motivational theory of Maslow and Herzberg. Specification of the study also provides a clear understanding about the direction of the study.

First and foremost of the sample which were questioned all were white British males. This in itself as we see from Maslow to be de-motivating or creating low self-esteem.Learning Outcomes LO1 Understand how to formulate a research specification LO2 Be able to implement the research project within agreed procedures and to specification LO3 Be able to evaluate the research outcomes LO4 Be %(2).

GET SOLUTION From ultimedescente.com Referencing Styles: Harvard Task 1: LO1 Understand how to formulate a research specification. Task 1A:(Research proposal) – Based upon a specific health and social care issue identified in health and social care setting, (THE PERCEPTION OF MOTHERS IN LONDON ABOUT THE IMPACT OF.

Edexcel Level4/ 5 Academic Essay. Edexcel Level4/ 5 Understand how to formulate a research specification 2. Be able to implement the research project within agreed procedures and to specification 3.

Be able to evaluate the research outcomes. LO1 Understand how to formulate a research specification Formulate and record possible research project outline specification Research plays an important role in our lives as it helps to seek solution to our problems.

Edexcel Level4/ 5 Academic Essay. Edexcel Level4/ 5 To complete the unit satisfactorily, you must understand the theory that underpins formal research. Summary of Learning Outcomes 1.

Understand how to formulate a research specification 2. Be able to implement the research project within agreed procedures and to specification 3. Be. research proposal,task 1 lo1 understand how to formulate a research specification task 1aresearch proposal based upon a specific health and social care issue identified in health and social care sett.

Understand how to formulate a research specification essay
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