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Twilight had an almost dreamy, fairytale quality to the writing, which this story lacks. Later, Jacob tells Bella about a gang of boys down in La Push who also seem to be up to no good.

She becomes paranoid, fearing that Laurent will tell Victoria that the Cullens are not around to protect Bella, and that Victoria will eventually find her. It spent over 47 weeks in total on the list.

When he decides that the only way to protect Bella is to remove himself from her life entirely, Bella suffers from a major breakdown. New Moon film On November 22,Summit Entertainment, the producers of the Twilight filmofficially announced that they would move forward with the production of the second installment in the saga, New Moon.

She rides a motorcycle and even approaches strange men in Port Angeles.

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New MoonEclipseand Breaking Dawn. Therefore they decree that Bella must be killed because she knows too much about vampires. The Cullen family of vampires are also absent from a large proportion of New Moon, and vampire fans may keenly feel their absence. Bella is still living in rainy Forks, Washington with her dad, Charlie.

Besides all the drama, there is a good deal of humor sprinkled through the story, and horror as well. Stephenie Meyer has stated that the red and white ruffled tulip on the cover of New Moon has no significance to the story, as she had no part in choosing its design.

But Rosalie, not knowing the truth, called Edward to tell him that Bella is dead.

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When they all return to Forks, Bella wakes up to see Edward and believes she had drowned or is dreaming and starts going into hysterics. The epilogue was also different in title and content. I think keeping Romeo and Juliet in the forefront of the readers mind actually helps the author build the tension for the climax of the story because we can all see the tragedy that is waiting to happen.

New Moon is highly recommended reading. Aro however says that Bella may still live if Edward will turn her into a vampire himself. He fears that she will never recover, even with Jacobs around, and he clearly vents his anger to Alice that Edward is responsible.

She also just turned eighteen — a painful reminder that her human clock is ticking while Edward will stay young and handsome forever. She then tells him that she is going to ask his family to vote on the matter.

Is it the writing itself -- or is it more to do with the vampire theme and the doomed romance?

But when Alice and Charlie are speaking alone, Charlie confesses how tough it has been for both of them. Summit released New Moon on November 20, Alice returns to Forks and although she brings no news of Edward with her, her extraordinary gift of being able to see the future soon tells her that Edward is heading on a path of self destruction that only Bella can advert.

A shocked Bella quickly escapes the forest and returns home and tells her father what she saw. This novel works well enough as a stand alone but I think that you will get a better understanding of the story and maximum enjoyment from reading it if you have read Twilight first.

Twilight: The Twilight Saga, Book 1

One location was positively compared to the one in Portland, and therefore Weitz and the production team filmed portions of the film there. As their relationship flourishes, word soon spreads of disappearances in the woods, with the blame placed on sightings of a large bear.

New Moon: The Twilight Saga, Book 2

Therefore, she chose Volterra and called it "a pretty creepy coincidence. The whole thing left me feeling sorry for poor Jacob. This leads to a whole new range of interests for Bella including learning to ride a motorbike and cliff diving because she feels that he is still with her at those times.

He knows Bella is broken, but wants nothing more than to make her happy and perhaps find a place in her heart. They are interrupted however by the arrival of the "bear", only it turns out to be a large wolf. The idea was to give everyone a deeper feeling of the creature that they were creating.

Most of the things that happen to Bella in New Moon are as a result of the overwhelming loss that she is trying to bear. Bella is horrified, but Laurent tells her that he is thirsty and plans to kill her himself, insisting that he shall make her death less painful compared the torture Victoria plans for her.

But despite all that, I felt myself mourning with her. He is surprised to find her alone, having visited the empty Cullen house recently.

Bella soon realizes that Jacob has deep feelings for her, and while she feels she cannot return them, she does not stop him because she depends on his company."New Moon", the follow-up to Book 1 of the Twilight saga (Twilight), is the continuing story of Bella Swan and her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen and it contains romance and intrigue aplenty where the first left off.

Nov 20,  · Read Common Sense Media's Twilight: The Twilight Saga, Book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide. Report this review. Parent Written byamomof2girls October 25, New Moon: The Twilight Saga, Book 2. Second book in vampire series drips with action and romance.

age 13+3/5. New Moon book summary & chapter summaries of New Moon novel. Book Report Jeremy Brown April Report -NOT PROJECT!Report for: New Moon By Stephenie Meyer Bella Swan is just turning The night befor /5(2). Nov 19,  · Second book in vampire series drips with action and romance.

Read Common Sense Media's New Moon: The Twilight Saga, 4/4. New Moon is the sequel to Stephenie Meyer's remarkably good debut novel Twilight. New Moon works well enough as a stand alone but these books really need to be read in series order. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer: Book Review.

Twilight saga new moon book report
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