Sweet apple massacre

Slipstream quickly explained the situation to him and told him what he needed done. Things must be really tough around here now.

All I want is some peace and quiet," he said, looking directly at Apple Bloom. Officer Dooly nodded vigorously and saluted and ran off to find the rest of the officers to tell them the news. He was built like rainbow dash but had bigger wings. You need to learn not to mess around with Big Macintosh.

Applejack could be the best part of his cover-up. Big Mac thought to himself. Now, when I cum, I want you to break my windpipe and rip my head off, nice and slow-like so I can feel every second of it, okay?

He stepped forward, then froze. He was left with worst of all. Vinyl and Soarin trotted over and unzipped the bag.

Sweet Apple Massacre vs Trixie's Funhouse

Murderers were not known to half-kill their victims and leave them alive, so he could really fool everyone! There would be search parties, and many police showing up at his door, asking him idiotic questions Soarin pointed upwards and he and Rainbow took off into the clouds.

Who would murder innocent children. He buttfucked her furiously and felt the warm rush of blood and feces trickling onto his throbbing penis, and enjoyed it very much. Standing next to the smiling unicorn one of the coolest Pegasus slipstream knew. Both had known the cutie mark crusaders when they had been going around trying earn their cutie marks in music and extreme flying.

Call the local police to take care of the bodies and have them send them to the lab so that Jamey can do her thing. He ordered the braindead Applejack to do the same, and, to his delight, she obeyed, much like a Haitian zombie slave. She heard a sigh, of frustration?

He opened a trap-door with his mouth and went down the steps into an old disused apple cellar. He looked at Vinyl and Soarin.

Sweet Apple Massacre III

She let out a cry of extreme pain as she felt her anus rip open, because Big Macintosh was There was a pause then the director spoke.

Suddenly there was a loud boom and Soarin came crashing down to earth with Rainbow Dash on top of him trying to beat the living crap of him with tears in her eyes.

Sweet Apple Massacre vs Leatherface

They immediately started asking questions. Also all rights go to Hasbro and My Little Pony: With in minutes sweet apple acres was surrounded by police. The old rope, at least, had found a new use, because in cellar space were Apple Bloom and her fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, bound and gagged, propped up against the wall.

When they saw the gathering of police ponies around the barn they began to sprint toward it.Sweet Apple Massacre is a grimdark fanfiction set in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP: FiM), in which the colt Big Macintosh rapes and murders the juvenile Cutie Mark Crusader ponies.

I do not own Sweet Apple massacre or MLP. This is simply a spin off. Nothing more. I hope you enjoy. Sweet Apple massacre retaliation "Hey Sis I have something to show you down here.".

Sweet Apple Massacre vs Trixie's Funhouse is the first installment of Evil Rap Battles of Horror.

Sweet Apple Massacre [Grimdark]

It features the cannibalistic version of Big Macintosh from the creepypasta, Sweet Apple Massacre, against the violent killer Trixie from the creepypasta, Trixie's Funhouse. It was released on August 14th, Length: Sweet Apple Massace III - The Stupidity Goes On After BigMacintosh had fucked his way through all of Equestria, including his granny, it was time to move on to the human world!

One of the most revolting Troll Fics ever written, and one which manages to surpass even Cupcakes for the title of the most unpleasant My Little Pony fanfic ever, Sweet Apple Massacre is filled to the brim with rape, scat, watersports and gorn, all of it being done to fillies.

SWEET APPLE MASSACRE PART II: THE JIZZING. The first emotion that swept over Applejack when she stepped into the apple cellar was complete and utter shock.

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At first she didn't understand what she was seeing, but soon enough, she had no choice but to believe that was Apple Bloom, barely recognizable, but it was her.

Sweet apple massacre
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