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All these views present data in a unique way, and each has roambi business plan visual and communicative advantages. Users make the leap from data to publishing in three easy steps.

Tightening security further is the app passcode all users must create. Users can receive data from multiple sources, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud, and begin filtering, analyzing, and sharing with any other Roambi Roambi business plan user. A single, interactive display connecting charts, plain-text data, and metrics.

With Roambi Analytics, there is no limit to what a business can accomplish. Sometimes, businesses just need to see the big picture—literally.

For those who want fewer or no restrictions, the next two tiers—Business and Enterprise—offer data access without limits. Ten options for charts and three different types of table graphs are available. Roambi Analytics revolutionized the program with the addition of Blink to its list of views.

SAP BusinessObjects Roambi brings data to life with an intuitive user interface designed specifically for mobile access. Whatever your business-data needs, Roambi Analytics can help you find the best way to collect and analyze all your information, safely and securely.

This program provides them all with innovative ways of looking at business figures, freeing valuable time to focus on growth and success.

Roambi Analytics has everyone covered, from hip bakeries and small bookstores to Sephora and Sony. This program converts vital business data into stunning graphics that businesses can employ for a plethora of uses.

Do i really have to memorize tens of apps and their benefits for choosing the right analytical solution?

Roambi Business

TSL is the industry standard that all new programs are expected to use. Enterprise-Grade Security Security is a high priority for businesses, especially when dealing with private fiscal details. Transition between different views and data is fluid and easily manipulated on a touch screen.

Analysis is color coded in these heat-activated, multidimensional squares. Roambi Analytics unleashes a new era of productivity. Classic chart designs can be connected to examine several dimensions of data. Data are shared in the cloud but also saved on the device. They glide between Pulse, PieView, and Trends, deciding which view portrays the information with the greatest clarity and speaks to them and their colleagues the most.

I want to recap some of the highlights from a Roambi perspective, and kick-off a series of regular blogs that will keep you updated on all things Roambi right here going forward.

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As a native app, SAP BusinessObjects Roambi leverages all the touch screen gestures that people are already used to, so ramp-up time is extremely fast reverse-pinch to drill-down anybody?

Users can publish data, connect with other users, and build portfolios from the coffee shop, the office, or their own home. Layer data and analysis in this view, such as layering location and sales. Finally, users share with colleagues or other Roambi Analytics users through the cloud.

Accessible from mobile devices and desktops Ten integrated visualizations Tools are conducive to businesses of all sizes Compatible with a variety of data-storing programs User-friendly data transformation process Trudging through business data can be a tedious task.

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Enjoy instant mobile access to simultaneous analysis of multidimensional data. If you have ever tried accessing a report on your phone then you know how tedious that experience typically is.

In this interactive spreadsheet, users can manipulate data on the touch screen. Users of this first tier can access data only from Excel, tables, or CSV files. Discern data in multiple ways, and roambi business plan between them effortlessly. Its graphics are interactive, earning awards for the designers.

Its original design was founded with mobile devices in mind, meaning that the graphics are crisp and clear, with concise function outside a desktop. For example, a store manager may want to compare sales of sweaters. View data as a pie chart, in any metric the user choses. Native applications guarantee that each device has an app with appropriate functionality.In order to provide the best experience for our customers, Roambi is deployed in multiple locations around the world.

You are currently attempting to log in to the. Getting Started with SAP Roambi value of your business information. Roambi Flow lets you easily and account to access the publisher on your Roambi Server.

If you plan to share your Roambi Flow publications, each recipient must also have a Roambi Server account. Anyone who will be viewing Roambi Flow.

Compare SAP BusinessObjects Lumira vs. Roambi Roambi is an analytics and business intelligence app that was launched with the intention of unleashing data through new mobile devices. There is also a great free trial plan that allows you to test the software’s capabilities and see how profitable it can be for your company.

You can. Whatever your business-data needs, Roambi Analytics can help you find the best way to collect and analyze all your information, safely and securely.

Build reports, plan. Roambi Analytics Pricing Plan & Cost Guide. App Info. Roambi Analytics Pricing Roambi Analytics Reviews Roambi Analytics Alternatives How does Roambi Analytics compare with other Business Intelligence & Analytics apps? Subscription plan? Roambi Analytics.

Roambi Analytics

99% of apps offer a subscription plan. Free trial? Our latest addition to the SAP Analytics family, David is the ALDO Group business intelligence (BI) and data governance senior manager, and an analytics and BI evangelist: 7 Responses to “SAP BusinessObjects Roambi Brings a New Era of Mobile Data Consumption to the SAP Family”.

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Roambi business plan
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