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India is the underdeveloped country and trying to overcome various social issues existed here since many years, unemployment is one of them and is still becoming the reason for non development of nation.

But this often means few people are required for specific jobs. Involuntary Unemployment is further categorized into subheads; 1. Professional filing systems which require teams of people to maintain are now on a single computer server controlled by a single person.

Corruption should also be removed from employment exchanges in our country. Family planning should be made productive. Control in population, development of rural areas, and by promoting youths to make career in various non famous sectors including agricultural, we can get success in removing the problem of unemployment from our country.

Drawback of Agriculture Infrastructure: Frustration is very dangerous thing. But these small-scale industries are adversely affected by larger more mechanized industries which out-competes them in productivity.

New technology also has an impact. It has become a very ticklish problem which is being faced by our government. There should be maximum utilization of our industrial capacity. The degree-oriented system renders itself redundant when it comes to producing human resources adept at fitting into specific profiles within the economy.

Low salary job for higher educated person is also comes under the category of under employment. Some time they got trapped in Problems of unemployment essay occurrence and sometime went into a deep mental depression.

Unemployment Unemployment is the one constant throughout history. Many of the Indians are jobless. Some of these major causes have been identified as population explosion, a faulty and outdated education system, which is not job-oriented, neglect of village and cottage industries and defective long- and short-term planning.

In the 21st century, the main threats are robotics and increasingly intelligent computers. Our education makes a student bookish. There are three types of unemployment, viz. It is good that at secondary and higher secondary stages some sort of job experience is being given to the students.

India currently has a population of about 1. This is a scenario when more people are employed in a job than is actually required for it.

Essay on Unemployment

They do not like to start business or small-scale industries. Underdeveloped business sectors which are still not an attraction for students as a working place like agriculture field and cottage industries.

Unemployment is the situation when people are unable to find a suitable job or any kind of other occupation for earning the monthly income needed for the survival of their family. To solve the problem of unemployment more technical institutions like ITIs, polytechnics, engineering colleges, etc.

This will help to solve the problem of agricultural seasonal unemployment. This form of unemployment happens when people with advanced degrees are unable to procure an engagement that is suited to their level of training.

Development of education system should be in such manner that student would get practical and technical knowledge while pursuing the professional studies from any professional educational institutes along Problems of unemployment essay the opportunity of college campus selection for getting good job opportunity.

Therefore, it is imperative that young men and women get suitable employment opportunities and their energies are harnessed for fruitful and nation-building activities.

Due to the emphasis put on agriculture in our economy, industrialization still takes a backseat, with farmers not ready to give up land for establishing industries. People are not yet keen towards self-employment, especially in the rural sector, depending on existing employment opportunities.

National crisis of unemployment affects a huge population of India especially a youth generation who are the future leader of our country. The problem of unemployment has given birth too many other serious problems like unrest, indiscipline, frustration, lawlessness, extremist activities, etc.

Every minute there is addition of 40 or more people to our already unmanageable population. In this section, we have given detailed information about this social problem of unemployment in India with causes, impacts and solutions in the form of essays with different words count.

Several external factors like wars, strikes and political disturbances, natural calamities that affect business cycle are also contributors to cyclical unemployment. Mostly people are attracted towards the same profession which has limited availability of employment thus the situation of unemployment arise.The issue of unemployment is a suffer for the majority of countries in the world and it is clear that the wealthier a nation is, the better it deals with such a case.

The main cause of unemployment is the repaid growth of populations. Since independence the populations of India has increased by threes times its total. When people multiply, there raises the problems of unemployment and it becomes difficult for government to provide employment to a sufficient number of people.

Unemployment generally defined as the number of persons (It is the percentage of labor force depends on the population of the country) who are willing to work for the current wage rates in society but not employed currently.

Unemployment reduces the long run growth potential of the economy. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of modern India. This essay on unemployment discusses the causes of unemployment and its solutions. Cause & Effect Essay: Unemployment Unemployment is the one constant throughout history.

Cause & Effect Essay: Unemployment

Despite changing technology, the underlying principles of why unemployment occurs remain the same. Short Essay on Unemployment in India. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On January 30, If not, the problem of unemployment will create difficulties for the development of the country.

Short Essay on Types of Unemployment in India.

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