It does no good to be

no good deed goes unpunished

This is borne out by comparisons of countries by the level of economic freedom and level of prosperity and development. Both parties to transactions benefit, and the benefits are cumulative for society. This view is that the rights of any individual are subordinate to the good of the many.

The more tightly a socialist or other dictatorial economy is controlled, the faster and the farther it falls, with Venezuela as only the most recent example. Destroying incentives to productivity kills productivity.

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It can be interpreted a couple of different ways. One, which is often used to rationalize it, is that it is unjust when people, as in the wealthy, benefit at the expense of everyone else, including or especially, the poor.

The individual is the heart and soul of every society and the source of economic activity, prosperity, and, indeed, all dignity. In all cases, the destruction of individual rights to life, liberty, and property for the common good must destroy the common good in the long run.

It takes many forms, and, ironically, people of both major political parties tend to either support many forms outright or look the other way when their side does it. It includes all forms of economic development, corporate subsidies, special tax carve-outs for special interests, and so many others.

do no good

The idea behind socialist thinking is that the governing authorities and their elite advisers know what is best for the common good and can impose that vision on the populace.

It just sounds so good, so right. The individual is the building block of the many.

No, Socialists, The Good Of The Many Does Not Outweigh The Good Of The Few

It is taking money or other things from the many and giving it to the few. It just needs to threaten confiscation if the business or industry does not cooperate.

If someone with political influence decides that some program will help the common good, the good of the individuals, a few or many, can be sacrificed.

The other interpretation, while garnering a lot of support, is most certainly false. The other side of the coin, where commerce is not subject political power, individual good drives the incentives to produce and trade. It is certainly true of cronyism, when corporate leaders get their tentacles into the political world and into the pockets of taxpayers and unwilling consumers.Sep 18,  · No, Socialists, The Good Of The Many Does Not Outweigh The Good Of The Few - Daniel J.

McLaughlin: That the good of the many outweighs the good of/18/ AM EST. No good: “no good” is a quality in itself, in which “good” is one type of quality and “no good” is another, as if the expression “no good” works as.

William Elliott Whitmore Does Me No Good Lyrics. Does Me No Good lyrics performed by William Elliott Whitmore: Can I forgive my past transgressions Can I. May 27,  · no good deed goes unpunished Beneficial actions often go unappreciated or are met with outright hostility.

If they are appreciated, they often lead to. Jun 01,  · Music and Lyrics by JJ Julius Son Kaleo’s debut album, A/B, featuring “Way Down We Go”, "All The Pretty Girls" & "No Good" is available now.

come to no good, to end in failure or as a failure: Her jealous relatives said that she would come to no good. for good, finally and permanently; forever: to leave the country for good.

Also for good and all.

It does no good to be
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