How to write acquittal in a sentence

Iphicrates was acquitted and Timotheus condemned. Marilyn acquitted herself well in her work on this film, demonstrating her growing ability as an actress.

Ina New York editor was acquitted of libel, thereby establishing the concept of freedom of the press. The acquittal of Hastings in April disappointed Francis of the governor-generalship, and in he had to submit to the additional mortification of a defeat in the general election.

He wanted to see Gould in his true colours and he was interested to see how James Wong would acquit himself. Their acquittal by a jury was the first serious blow to the system adopted how to write acquittal in a sentence the king.

She obtained an acquittal from the Court of Appeals in April of the same year and the government to prove fraud and falsifying records by the officer.

Had they had Kelsen as defense counsel, they would have been acquitted. It was here, according to the legend, that he was tried and acquitted by a council of the gods for the murder of Halirrhothius, who had violated Alcippe, the daughter of Ares by Agraulos.

Appealing a Conviction

An appeal was filed by the Cypriot Attorney-general, and in December the Supreme Court set aside the acquittal and ordered a new trial.

When the opportunity comes, thus you would have been equipped to acquit yourself well. The facts could be placed before a jury but then the court or the judge could acquit the guilty.

He was arrested in on the charge of treason, was brought to trial before the United States circuit court at Richmond, Virginia, Chief-Justice Marshall presiding, and he was acquitted, in spite of the fact that the political influence of the national administration was thrown against him.

Along with his six brethren, Ken was committed to the Tower on the 8th of Juneon a charge of high misdemeanour; the trial, which took place on the 29th and 30th of the month, and which resulted in a verdict of acquittal, is matter of history. The admiral was acquitted, and Cochrane naturally fell into disfavour with the admiralty.

Belanger and his partner, Det. Multiple murderer who was acquitted due to a combination of his race and the venue in which he was tried. His trial for high treason lasted for six days 17th to 22nd of November and ended in his acquittal, the jury only taking eight minutes to settle their verdict.

He made a powerful defence of the charge, and was acquitted with "a censure and an admonition. He had previously been called on to clear himself from charges of heterodoxy brought against him in the Quarterly Reviewand had been acquitted by a committee of inquiry.

His trial in the following October, on a charge of seditious and scandalous practices against the state, resulted in his unanimous acquittal, followed by his release in November.

More Vocab Words chide - scold; rebuke someone who has done wrong satyr - half-human, half-bestial being in the court of Dionysus resembling a goatportrayed as wanton unrestrained and cunning; lecher; CF.

The trial began inand resulted in acquittal of the two by the ICTY trial chamber on 30 May To hold not guilty to the debt load of sin.

The fact that they are accidents does not acquit them of its responsibility - the magician looked at us without reacting and, with an indifferent gesture in his glacial face, continued:. In he was tried on a charge of murder, having shot Philip Barton Key, U. He defended his first murder case in and by the end of his career had achieved an acquittal rate of 80 to 90 per cent.

I have a business charge to acquit myself of. Although he did not win acquittal, his vigorous defense is considered to have discredited blasphemy laws and few other prosecutions followed.

Shortly before his acquittal he had been able to satisfy the dream of his childhood, by buying back the ancestral manor of Daylesford, where the remainder of his life was passed in honourable retirement. In its judgement, the tribunal noted that the case did not require that the tribunal make findings other than those of guilty or not guilty, so consequently, no safe conclusion could be drawn from the acquittal of all accused.

On the 10th of January,the judgment given at the conference acquitted Murray and his adherents of rebellion, while affirming that nothing had been proved against Mary - a verdict accepted by Murray as equivalent to a practical recognition of his office as regent for the infant king.

Five of the other seven cases also ended in acquittal, one for want of jurisdiction,1 and one by the resignation of the official before the impeachment was preferred in the Senate. Aulus was consul in 48, and perhaps in proconsul governor of Africa, in which capacity he is said to have acquitted himself with credit.

Following an acquittal in for the murder of a police officer inNoye was convicted in of handling stolen goods, and served eight years in prison. The jury voted 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal. Although shaken by the acquittal of William Hone on a charge of libel the government was supported by parliament; and after the "Manchester massacre" in August the home secretary thanked the magistrates and soldiers for their share in quelling the riot.

Those are acquitted of what they say.

Acquitted in a sentence

A sensational trial resulted May 31, in the acquittal of the cardinal, of the girl Oliva and of Cagliostro.Even though the acquittal of the death penalty was erroneous in that case, the acquittal must stand. One month and three days after the acquittal, Tupac was born.

John Mathews, aged about 18, stood at the bar with his hands in his pockets, alike indifferent to a verdict of acquittal or guilty. Examples of acquit in a Sentence The jury acquitted the defendant because there wasn't enough evidence to convict him of the crime.

acquitted of the robbery charge after proving he was nowhere near the scene of the crime. Dreyfus was finally acquitted intwelve years after his imprisonment.

For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned. Diego Olivera stood before the court at his retrial and he was acquitted of all charges. The court of cassation quashed the sentence, through defect of form, but sent Babeuf for a new trial before the Aisne tribunal, by which he was acquitted on the 18th of July.

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In both positions she acquitted herself with marked ability. How can I put and write and define acquittal in a sentence and how is the word acquittal used in a sentence and examples? 用acquittal造句, 用acquittal造句, 用acquittal造句, acquittal meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by English words and Examples of Usage use "acquit" in a sentence Football star O.

J. Simpson was acquitted of the murder of his wife following a lengthy trial.

How to write acquittal in a sentence
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