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Djanet Sears

Stage Door assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information, or for subsequent use or inconvenience experienced as a consequence of this information. He joins Chris Iago! Sears, in directing her own work, has assembled a fantastic trio of supporting actors.

Magi plans "to have a baby this time next year," and with only three months to find a father, already has optimistically booked the church. Use of this Website constitutes your understanding of this Disclaimer. As Billie, she delivers the character with empathy, intensity and credibility.

Nothing here is Harlem duet. This contradiction in the provenance of the handkerchief suggested to me that neither narrative likely contained the entire truth of the matter. Retrieved 30 March As such, Harlem Duet emerges as a 7 stanza blues told in two acts. In fact, Othello has achieved na archetypal status of mythic proportion.

Shakespeare is a god in the theatre. It represents the best and the worst of everything about people of African descent British Journal of Canadian Studies. In act three, scene four, Othello declares: Sears spins an ambitious and timely tale written with style, wit, intellect and above all, compassion.

Sears describes Harlem as "both a place and a symbol An antique token my father gave my mother. Simple on-stage costume changes effect the smooth scene transitions as we move frequently from flashback to present day. Harlem Duet explores both the dream and the nightmare.

There is an actual intersection that serves as the theoretical axis of the arguments in the play. The blues is a true art form, "It can be very profound. Who was Othello in my world, in my culture? I wondered who would Othello be if he were alive today?

He is the most famous playwright in the history of the world, and Othello is the most well-known Black character in all of theatre. I often refer to Harlem Duet as a rhapsodic blues tragedy, in taht it uses a blues aesthetic as a structural guide. While this is not, as might have been expected, a musical, the action is complimented with a curious mix of cello and double bass by onstage musicians, Doug Innis and Jack McFadden, and audio clips of historic black speeches.

This is a human play.

Harlem Duet

Was there magic or malice woven into the web of that cloth? Sears has successfully created a sprawling and literate piece that may become a defining work of the black experience. Using linear and non-linear narrative structures, the play embraces discernible blues qualities that assert tendencies of "antiphonal structures" that is call and responserepetition, syncopation, fragmentation, solos, polyrhythmic improvisation, percussive melodies, hollers, scatting, ring shouts, and cyclicality.

Harlem duet audience arrives in the theatre with the words of Jamaican national hero Marcus Garvey. I might, in fact, know him quite well.Afrika Solo, Harlem Duet, The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God, Djanet Sears is a Canadian playwright, actor and director, nationally recognized for her work in African-Canadian Theatre.

Harlem Duet has ratings and 19 reviews. Phillip said: This play is an adaptation of Othello, and what I find most interesting about it is the postmod /5.

Harlem Duet, originally workshopped at New York City's Joseph Papp Public Theatre, was produced by Toronto's Nightwood Theatre and premiered at the Tarragon Theatre in April, /5(2). Harlem's two solitudes F rom the creator of Afrika Solo, Nightwood Theatre presents the world première of a bold and daring new play, Harlem Duet written and directed by Djanet Sears and now playing at the Tarragon Theatre Extraspace.

Harlem Duet is the prelude to Shakespeare's Othello, and recounts the tale of Othello and his first wife Billie (yes, before Desdemona). Set in contemporary Harlem at the corner of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X boulevards, the play explores the space where race and sex intersect.

Harlem Duet: What we talk about when we talk about interracial love

Harlem Duet considers this, and plays out several variations of America's silent theme with bluntness and grace. It's a good show done very, very well.

It's a good show done very, very well. Just don't be surprised if you're not certain how best to talk about it when it's over.

Harlem duet
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