Environment agency sustainable business report 2011 nba

The new area names are: Staff also worked overtime to make sure disruption was kept to a minimum. Implementing the two solutions has inevitably involved challenges. But instead of issuing fan heaters to staff complaining of feeling cold, it has made warm fleeces available.

The Environment Agency – simple rules, clever kit

Land quality[ edit ] The Agency is the regulatory authority for all waste management activities including the licensing of sites such as landfillincineration and recycling facilities. Installing voltage optimisation in dozens of buildings — many of which have to operate hour emergency systems like flood warning — meant the roll out had to be managed carefully, and allowing each building to be shut down for 12 hours while the technology was being fitted.

Report: How Smaller Companies Profit From Sustainability

Just of almost 14, sites which require a permit to operate have been given the lowest ratings for two years or more, causing problems for neighbours and the community.

It had responsibility for the whole of England and Wales but with specifically designated border arrangements with Scotland covering the catchment of the River Tweed. The Thames Barrier was completed long before the EA was created but more recent examples of major defences against coastal flooding include the Medmerry managed realignment scheme in West Sussex in The Agency also regulates the commercial exploitation of shellfish.

More general responsibility for the countryside and natural environment in England falls to the organisation Natural England. An agency spokesman said: In this was simplified by making a direct transfer from Treasury to the Environment Agency in the form of Flood Defence Grant in Aid.

As of [update] the Environment Agency also has a strategic overview role for all flood and coastal erosion risk management. The technical solution it chose was voltage optimisation. It started this process from a good place: For many years the Agency has been offering strong advice against the development of land in floodplains because of the risk of flooding.

Environment Agency Sustainable Business Report 2012

The Environment Agency is also responsible for increasing public awareness of flood risk, flood forecasting and warning and has a general supervisory duty for flood risk management. Pollution such as waste fires and uncontrolled releases from industry or of sewage can pose a risk to life, destroy habitats, affect drinking water supplies and prevent people from using and enjoying their local environment, the Environment Agency said.

The agency has had to explain new rules on ambient temperature carefully as it recognised that not all staff feel the cold or heat in the same way.

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The building, which was designed by Alec French Architects, won the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment BREEAM Award for its environmentally friendly construction and operation which includes the use of sustainable materials, natural ventilation and cooling, photoelectric panels and rainwater harvesting.

These are backed up by the Evidence directorate.Sustainability is a priority interest for many organizations, and this is especially true at EPA. Sustainability isn’t part of our work – it’s a guiding influence for all of our work. Learn more about what EPA is doing and what you can do.

Report about the environmental performance of businesses regulated by the Environment Agency in England during The report includes information about compliance across different sectors.

Sustainability is a growing priority among small- and medium-sized businesses – and according to three national accounting bodies, more than half of surveyed businesses will have a sustainability strategy in place in two years’ time. Sustainable Business Report comprises a supplement to the financial information presented in the Annual Report by describing the Group’s goals, strategy, human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption.

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The report has been reviewed by an external party. Sandvik Sustainable Business Report is also available online at. The European Environment Agency (EEA) is an agency of the European Union, whose task is to provide sound, independent information on the environment. The EEA aims to support sustainable development by helping to achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe's environment, through the provision of timely, targeted.

We are the Environment Agency. We protect and improve the environment This report builds upon our Sustainable Business Report for That report covered both England and Wales. In AprilNatural Resources .

Environment agency sustainable business report 2011 nba
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