Enviromental factors affecting colgate toothpaste

Why should you share our confidence? Colgate is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and strengthening the sustainability profile of our products, including the ingredients we use. A very small amount of triclosan enters the environment.

To assess the potential for environmental harm, detailed assessments based on real-world exposures and concentrations have been conducted. Firstly, and I think any dentist will tell you this — flossing is very important; so perhaps flossing in conjunction with a more natural toothpaste would be a good approach to earth friendly dental hygeine.

Instead, triclosan is rapidly processed through the digestive system and then excreted as waste. There are a wide range of fluoride free toothpastes available; based on natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, peppermint with the addition of baking soda or salt.

We go through a tube of toothpaste each month in our family, so around 12 tubes a year. And what about the tubes themselves?

Potassium nitrate is also an aquatic environmental nasty, parabens can disrupt the hormones in animals and so on and so on. These risk assessments utilizing environmental data from Europe and the US show no evidence of harm from the small amount of triclosan entering the environment. Some people recommend a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

The review found that triclosan did not pose a risk to human health in Canada. Good dental hygeine is very important; but so is preserving the environment that sustains us.

The environmental impact of toothpaste

USA consumption based on our usage makes for million tubes. These assessments show triclosan does not accumulate in the bodies of fish and other aquatic animals.

We understand the questions being asked about triclosan, have reviewed existing research, and have sponsored studies and assessments with others and on our own.

Colgate continues to review all relevant studies and supports continued inquiry into the potential environmental impact of triclosan. What are the alternatives? Some toothpaste alternatives even come in a powder form in glass jars which are reusable and recyclable.

Perhaps have a chat to your dentist about toothpaste alternatives first before deciding what to try. We are confident in the science that demonstrates that triclosan in our toothpaste is safe for the environment. I think it very safe to say that over a billion plastic toothpaste tubes head to landfill each year and most likely far more.

We are confident in the scientific assessment that triclosan is safe at the low levels found in the environment today. One little blob of toothpaste added to a stream will not kill the local frog population, but the problem is millions of us use the stuff.Economic factors do influence the bargaining power of buyers as inflation is the major factor that is affecting the consumers hard.

Economic factors do not affect the availability of substitutes. But since inflation is growing, so it is hard for the poor people to switch to more modern products like washing powder, tooth paste.

Ian Melendres Popoy Yusingbo Wendell Tiu Parke Tan Rodney Roleda Johann Ong Bren Tajonera COLGATE:P I. Background a. History InWilliam Colgate, himself a soap and candle maker, opened up a starch, soap, and candle factory on Dutch Street in New York City under the name of "William Colgate & Company".

Is Toothpaste an Environmental Hazard? PREFACE This report is the result of a 30 hec degree master project done at the University of Gothenburg in collaboration with Aloemega Healthcare AB.

Colgate Consumer Insights

This project was distributed by Miljöbron, which serves as a link between academia and the business world. Although the.

Furthermore, there is a germ-killing chemical contained in toothpaste called Triclosan, and as it is released into the water from the drain, it has been building up in the ocean web, which is known to disrupt the hormones and growth and development of. Socio-cultural factors The main forces affecting decisions about our product are the social and cultural factors.

political and cultural forces. technological. Economical Factors Another important external force that directly affects our decisions is the economic variation. Colgate Toothpaste Advertisement on Consumers.

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Enviromental Factors Affecting Colgate Toothpaste. Rodney Roleda Johann Ong Bren Tajonera COLGATE:P I. Background ultimedescente.comy InWilliam Colgate, himself a soap and candle maker, opened up a starch, soap, and candle factory on Dutch Street in New York City under the name of "William Colgate & Company".

Enviromental factors affecting colgate toothpaste
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