Assess explanations that sociologists have offered

People assume that real criminals are those in the inner- cites. Students know it is in their self-interest to sit quietly and pay, or pretend to pay, attention. Contrary to the popular conception that attending elite institutions guarantees future success, it appears that highly motivated students, rather than institutional structures, prove more a determinant of this success; in other words, the individual does matter ; Gladwell, Also, Hirschi blames the breakdown of the nuclear family for the weakening of social bonds, and thus could be faulted for scapegoating single mothers.

The parents did not go to college. This approaches has been taken from the traditional Marxism, who believes that capitalist societies exists for the benefit of the owners of capital therefore it has divided the poor and the rich. The sociological imagination can be quite deterministic in that it pushes us to see that, in many ways, the lives of individuals are quite determined by their social roles, gender, race, and class.

Students sit quietly because they believe professors in this ceremonial order deserve respect, maybe even deference. When the teenager tells her parents that she would like to go to college and be a lawyer, the parents might think of the probability of an individual from their class position achieving such a goal—how unlikely it is.

How does sociology help us disentangle what is biological from what is socially constructed? They start to move their bodies like a little boy or a little girl.

The final bond that he argues ties one to society, is belief. Durkheim offers no explanation as to how much deviance is the correct amount for a society. A final issue with this particular theory is that they over generalise.

Criteria for admission to American colleges have shifted according to historical and demographic trends and changes in university leadership Gladwell, Davis argues that prostitution acts as a safety valve, allowing male members of society to express their sexual frustration without threatening the nuclear family.

Society is socialised to believe that their society is a meritocratic one, and that one will be rewarded after working hard, with material items white picket fence Individuals are expected to pursue this dream through legitimate means; hard work, education and self-discipline.

Assess the functionalist theory of crime and deviance

Hirschi, however fails to explain those with a lot to lose that still commit crime. They know that this is how they are seen by others and they know that when they go out onto the street, they occupy the role of boy or girl.

Once a norm has been internalized, we tend to follow through with the expectations of the norm in most of our interactions. We learn and internalize norms as young people through a process called socialization.

However, the sociological imagination does leave room for the person to have an impact, even as we acknowledge that he or she is constrained. Yet another explanation for social order focuses on beliefs and values. He offers no explanation as to why white collar and corporate crime exist, as those are predominantly committed by those in the middle classes.

Although socialization processes are particularly significant in infancy and childhood, they continue to some degree throughout life. He argues that as the middle classes receive better education, they have more specialist knowledge and, therefore, can commit crime a lot easier than the lower classes, which do not have much in the way of specialist knowledge.

Skills refer to the amount of specialist knowledge a criminal has whilst committing an offence. Karl Marx, in Capital ; orig. Please, visit "Prices" page for the detailed prices.

Merton argues that people engage in deviant or criminal behaviour when they are unable to legitimately achieve socially approved goals. Before even that it is important to know how crime and deviance is defined.

They assume that all societies function in the same way. To sociologists crime means the breaking of rules that have been made into laws by the rulers or government of a society. Merton also outlines that there are five adaptations to strain.

Some parents do not do this at the beginning—until they start getting asked that question. The same principle applies to race and ethnicity. An idea or practice that a group of people agree exists.Sociologists have offered up many different explanations to try to answer such questions.

One explanation is that it is rational for individuals to act this way. Students know it is in their self-interest to sit quietly and pay, or pretend to pay, attention. Free and custom essays at! Take a look at written paper - Outline and assess the view that the law is used to oppress (keep down) women, ethnic minorities and the working class generally.

Assess explanations that sociologists have offered for lower levels of convictions of woman for criminal offences Sociologists have offered explanations for lower levels of convictions for woman for criminal offences.

Using examples critically assess one sociological theory of religion. In most traditional societies, religion is an important form of social 'togetherness'. this is backed by the empirical evidence offered by Malinowski in his study of the Trobriand Islands.

in contemporary society sociologists have a different set of problems to.

Unit 3 Sociology: Beliefs in society 1. Beliefs in Society 2. Explaining the growth of new religious movements • Sociologists have offered three main explanations for the sudden growth and popularity of NRMs: marginality, relative deprivation and social change.

Assess sociological explanations of the relationship between globalisation. Exam Activity 4. Sociology. STUDY. PLAY. Of the following, which is NOT a socioeconomic reward of more education? Sociologists offer 2 competing explanations as to why people with more education reap larger socioeconomic rewards?

what are they? Common competencies that sociologists have identifies as .

Assess explanations that sociologists have offered
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