Analysis of dream deferred

Like the raisin, the dream has been on hold for a long-time consequently, it has transformed into something very different than it once was. The term "heavy load" reminds us of those days when we have a lot on our minds. The speaker is suggesting that this dream is already delayed and frustrated and that time is of the essence - this dream has to be fulfilled or else.

Most definitely not, this dream has to do with conscious goals, hopes and aims for the future. Notice each of the words in this line only contain one syllable. Well, actually, raisins begin as grapes and gradually lose their juice when they are put out in the sun.

You know those days. They become small and withered. This line stirs our sense of smell, because most of us have had an experience with the smell of rotten meat before. In this way, our speaker may be pointing out just how important dreams are. Further Analysis What kind of dream are we talking about here?

Well, they lose their moisture and their water. Kindergarteners sag from the weight of backpacks that are too heavy. Its value has been sucked out and it is no longer nutritional. Line 2 Does it dry up What happens when things dry up?

The last line is another question which suggests that there is no definitive answer to the original question. They are so important that they are heavy, and if they are ignored, they will grow to sag.

Sometimes, others can help you carry your load, but we get the sense the speaker is referring to a load that cannot be shared or alleviated. This play quickly became one of the most beloved works in American theater as it captures the deferred dreams of a black family living in Chicago during the s.

Analysis of Poem

Line 11 Or does it explode? In the world of this poem, this final line feels almost liberating, but also violent. Bookshelves can sag from the weight of too many books.

Oppression, societal pressure, prejudice and historical baggage and other factors can play their part in denying the dream. Line 1 What happens to a dream deferred? Floorboards sag from the weight of too many people and too much furniture over the years.But there's something about the way our speaker says "dream deferred" instead of "deferred dream" that makes us realize that we are not in the world of logical rationale, but rather the far cooler world of poetry, truth telling, and soul-searching.

The “dream deferred” is the long-postponed and, therefore, frustrated dream of African Americans: a dream of freedom, equality, dignity, opportunity, and success. Analysis of Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes Dreams are the driving force of America today. Every person has some sort of dreams and or goals.

Although in life everyone has dreams and goals, there are obviously more struggles.

Harlem Analysis

Dream Deferred by Langston happens to a dream deferred Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun Or fester like a sore And then run Does it /5(59).

Dream Deferred A dream is a goal in life, not just dreams experienced during sleep. Most people use their dreams as a way of setting future goals for themselves/5(1).

Free, free, free!

Harlem (Dream Deferred)

Six questions and one very meek declarative sentence compose the bones of this poem – it's a poem built of questions, and questions makes us think of uncertainty and the que.

Analysis of dream deferred
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