Adventure tour company business plan

It is not surprising, therefore, that substantial interest exists in the development of new adventure tourism activities, particularly snow—based commercial recreation activities on Kopps Lands in the Largetoons.

The travel agent will be our front line for sales, therefore we will offer better than average commissions 15 percent during our first two seasons of operation. An outstanding vacation that the guest can count on whether skiing in Canada or surfing in Costa Rica. We also intend to have information pamphlets that will provide information on our various tour packages.

Outdoor Adventure Travel Company

Obtain a company credit card to facilitate faster payments to your suppliers. Make available a tax and insurance program for full-time employees by January 1, Our aim will be to be aware of the implications of this new technology and utilizing it in our existing framework where possible.

Only in Victoria does one see all—inclusive style snowcat resorts. A destination that unlocks the mystery of nature — an oasis in a wilderness which is an ideal escape for nature lovers.

Site selection is crucial in many respects, including the right combination of peaks, ridge lines, vertical, streams, meadows and accessibility. Market Analysis Summary We are today experiencing a rapid growth in the economy of unsurpassed nature.

How to Start a Tour Operating Company

As your business grows, you may consider participating in travel fairs and trade shows. Success in tours business lies in competitive pricing unless you are offering a specialization that no one else provides. The direct mailings will be geared for the travel agent market, magazine subscription lists and clubs across the world.

Aircraft access is limited to a small airport in Jotsey with a 2, ft. This property, to be purchased by the Company, has a private beach, dock and a small log cabin. Cedar City also has several organized private outdoor oriented clubs such as the "Backcountry Club.

This tour will cover approximately kilometers taking the whole day to complete. Continuing the process, the environmental impact studies and overlaid maps detailing use, migration paths, vegetation, roads, precipitation and lodge location have been completed.

Research on the insurance requirements and obtain the necessary policies; this information is available from insurance agencies and insurance brokers. Place ads in biking, sports, and mountain climbing sections of Cedar City yellow pages by November 15, Though we realise that the majority of our tourists come from South Africa we shall be mainly targeting those from Europe and the Americas who often do not have transport or adequate knowledge about the country, unlike their South African counterparts who often do.

It is an adventure travel company currently specializing in mountain bike touring with plans to include additional recreational opportunities via an RAD-Venture Center in Cedar City, Utah.

Adventure Travel Lodging Company Business Plan

Identify the types of tours you want to provide in order to select your niche. This area is conveniently located just north of Jotsey, Victoria. The Snowfall Mountain Lodge Experience Winter—Our resort will take advantage of all that is available to create a skiing experience unsurpassed in quality and service.

The population is more representative of outdoor activity than the Las Vegas population. Hold an indoor climbing competition and mountain bike festival in Spring and Hence we shall be mainly targeting those who are not that mobile but wanting to see as many sites as possible.

From the day lodge, our van will take the guest into Jotsey. We will turn to reputable companies for supplying the necessary individuals and groups for our services. Statistics show a steady rise in adventure sport sales and tours. We will offer corporate retreats for play or work in a great atmosphere.

The snowcat resort popularity has been fueled by the rising costs of conventional ski vacations. Spread throughout Jotsey are more than well—built buildings; some dating back to Rachel Luevano, one of the most respected sports photographers in the world, will be shooting the Mighty Moose Snowboarding team at our Victoria location in March Intrawest, dealing mainly in the golf and ski travel industry, has recently closed a deal with CMH Canadian Mountain Holidays.

The Resort will be leading the new trend in tourism called Adventure Travel; created for the traveler who wants more than the run—of—the—mill plan is based and not rely solely on the information in this manual.

There are areas where you may want to consider retaining the appropriate professional expertise to assist you. This business plan raised well over $, for entrepreneurs seeking to build a number of resorts/lodges providing exciting "adventure travel" experiences.

Travel Tour Agency Sample Business Plan

It operates daily rentals and tours in Nevada, and multiday mountain bike tours throughout the national park regions of the Southwest.

It is an adventure travel company (currently specializing in mountain. Apr 18,  · Starting a Travel Business: A How-to Guide, plus Advice from the Experts.

by: Briana Morgaine starting. This article is part of our Unlike starting a brewery or starting a dispensary, there isn’t a lot of legal red tape when it comes to starting a travel business.

How to Start an Adventure Travel Company: /5(8). Adventure Travel International international travel agency business plan executive summary. Adventure Travel International (ATI) is a start-up travel agency that specializes in adventure tourism and travel.4/5(29).

The idea behind setting - up this business is its high growth rate; travel industry growth rate is 4% and 10% of adventure travel per year. AIT will take advantage of this growing sector by providing full adventure packages with the support of experienced staff and effective marketing.

Adventure tour company business plan
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